Thai defence minister warns PM not to meddle with military

BANGKOK - OUTGOING Thai defence minister Boonrawd Somtas said on Monday the military would not object to newly elected premier Samak Sundaravej taking over his post, if Mr Samak stays out of security matters.

Mr Samak announced on Sunday that he would become defence minister in his new cabinet, which is expected to be unveiled this week, saying that he wanted to handle contacts with the military personally to avoid another coup.

Mr Samak is a close ally of ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was toppled by the military in a bloodless coup in September 2006.

He would become only the third civilian ever to take the job in Thailand.

Gen Boonrawd told reporters that the military would accept Mr Samak as defence minister, as long as he did not try to interfere in military affairs.

'I am convinced that he has a clear mission for our country and for the military. If he leaves the military alone and lets it take responsibility for security, I think everything will be fine,' he said.

'The military does not want any political interference,' he said.

Gen Boonrawd said that if Mr Samak tried to interfere in military affairs, he could be sacked and jailed.

'Now that the law has taken effect, if the government interferes, it is illegal and punishable, even by sacking or jailing him,' he said.

In the final days before the December 23 elections to restore democracy, the military-appointed parliament rushed through a slate of laws that will severely hamper efforts by Mr Samak to control the military.

One new law specifically bars the prime minister and the defence minister from conducting military reshuffles, leaving decisions on top posts within the armed forces firmly in the hands of the generals.

Mr Samak told reporters on Sunday that he would not try to circumvent the law, but said he would force the generals to explain their decisions in the annual reshuffles.

'I will not interfere in the reshuffles, but at the same time I will not automatically sign off on them. The army has to explain why people are suitable for their posts,' he said. -- AFP

Source: Straits Times

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